Saturday, June 5, 2010

When Life Seems Ridiculous...Why Pretend Otherwise?

There are a cornucopia of New Age philosophies, insights, and dictums worth their weights in gold; new takes on old religions and mores boldly going where past generations would not dare tread. But, in these enlightened times of ours, there must also be room made for those of us who wish to walk another walk on occasion. That is, for those of us who view life as a positively ridiculous spectacle sometimes, and not an every breathing moment journey of self-discovery.

Life is awfully ridiculous in countless ways—and, yes, often ridiculously cruel, too. It is also teeming with a cross-section of utterly ridiculous fellow world travelers. For me to deny what is transparently self-evident would make me mashugana in a New York Minute.

So, I choose not to pretend that life’s considerable and diverse deck of cards contains no jokers. I have discovered on my life odyssey that a little mockery of all that is—and all that may be—goes a long way in the sanity maintenance department. Its sheer force—the raw, healing power of its honesty—assists me in wading through each ridiculous day. And you know what: I suspect that the entertaining ravings of venerable comedian Don Rickles, "Mr. Warmth," contain just as many life truths as do the earnest pronouncements of best-selling guru Deepak Chopra.

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